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Motor Insurance


Cover and Benefits
What is the additional excess for SmartDrive policy?

The additional excess is as follows:

a. Unnamed Driver

i. Additional excess of S$5,000 will be charged for young and inexperienced driver of 26 years and below or with less than 1 year driving experience

ii. Additional excess of S$500 will be charged for unnamed driver above 26 years old

b. Named Driver

i. Additional excess of S$500 will be charged for young and inexperienced driver of 26 years old and below 

Will my excess be waived if I go to AXA’s authorized workshop even though I did not opt for the authorized workshop scheme?

Yes. The excess will be waived as follows:

a. Full waiver of excess if your NCD is 50%

b. Your excess will be reduced by half if your NCD is 40% and below

The loan on my vehicle has been fully paid up. Can I choose to insure other than comprehensive?

Yes, you can choose to insure on a Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party only cover when the loan has been fully paid up. 

Can I buy up or buy down the excess?

The minimum excess to buy down is S$2,000 while the maximum excess to buy up is S$500. The appropriate premium will be automatically calculated. 

Can I opt out of the authorized workshop scheme during the policy term and use my own workshop?

You can only choose to opt out of the authorized workshop scheme at the renewal of the policy.

Can I add in additional driver during the policy term?

Yes. Additional pro-rated premium may be charged depending on the profile of the driver. Please provide the following details of the additional driver for AXA Insurance Singapore underwriting consideration:

a . I/C number
b . Date of Birth
c . Sex
d . Marital Status
e . Occupation
f . Driver experience
g . Relationship of the named driver to the insured
Does your SmartDrive policy cover me when I drive my car outside of Singapore?

SmartDrive covers you up to Peninsular Thailand subject to a maximum duration of 14 days for each and every trip.

I have overseas friends and relatives coming to Singapore very often. Can they drive my car?

You can check with the Traffic Police with regards to regulations for foreign driver. An additional excess of $5,000/- on top of the basic excess will apply for unnamed young or inexperienced driver (26 and below &/or less than 1 year of driving experience) or additional $2,500/- (other than the 2 criteria stated earlier) in the event of a claim. 

My son has just obtained his driving license. Do I have to inform AXA Insurance?

You need not inform AXA Insurance Singapore as long as he is driving your car with your permission and possesses a valid driving license but in the event of a claim, an additional excess of $5,000/- in addition to the basic excess will be applicable (inexperienced driver). You may choose to name your son as a named driver once he has completed his 1 year probationary license. An additional premium will be chargeable with an additional excess of $500/-. 

Do you insure modified vehicles?

Yes, however modifications to your motor vehicle have to be declared and is subjected to AXA Insurance Singapore’s approval.

No Claims Discount
Can I transfer my No Claim Discount Protector (NCDP) to another insurer?

No, NCDP protection will be specific to the existing insurer only and cannot be transferred to another insurer. 

What do I need to submit to claim for my 10% safe driver’s discount if my NCD is 30% and above?

Please submit a copy of Traffic Police’s safe driver’s eligibility certificate in your name. You can print this from the website at -> Eservices-> Electronic Driver Data & Enquiry System (EDDIES) ->Driving License Information -> Key in NRIC/FIN/SingPass. 

How is my NCD impacted when I have an accident?

Your NCD will be impacted as follows:

Current NCD  NCD Upon Renewal
50% 20%
40% 10%
0-30% 0%
Can I choose to insure at a fixed sum insured?

Yes, however fluctuating COE prices may affect the sum insured of the vehicle which may result in under insurance should the COE prices increase, as compared to insuring based on market value. Therefore, we would recommend to insure at a fixed sum insured for high performance vehicles only.

What are the options available to me to pay my premium?

Payment must be made with an American Express® Card issued by American Express International, Inc. (“American Express”) in Singapore. (Excludes American Express Corporate Card and American Express Cards issued by DBS Bank Limited, United Overseas Bank Limited, Citibank Singapore Limited. and EZ-Link Pte. Ltd.)

How do I receive my Policy Document?

You will receive your Policy Document via email within 5 working days after you have successfully completed your online purchase.

How do I know if my payment has gone through and the purchase has been successfully completed?

You will receive an instant email notification upon successful completion of your online purchase

Can I pay for my insurance using someone else’s credit card?

Yes. However, please note that all refunds will be credited back to the original payment mode.

Do you provide premium discount for drivers with Certificate of Merit?

Yes. If your NCD is 30% and above, AXA Insurance Singapore will give you a Safe Driver Discount(SDD) of 10%. You may check your SDD eligibility from the website at> Eservices-> Electronic Driver Data & Enquiry System (EDDIES) ->Driving License Information -> Key in NRIC/FIN/SingPass. 

Who underwrites my insurance?

Your insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd. 

The above FAQs should be read and construed in light of, and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Policy Wordings 

Underwritten by:

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