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How to Claim

In the event you need to make a claim call the AXA hotline for claims at 1800 880 4888 (Press 3 for claims) . The information below will also be helpful.

Claims Process

Immediately following an accident GET HELP AND RECORD EVENT

Claim Process Step 1
Call the police and ambulance if anyone's injured   Exchange particulars with involved party
Photograph all involved vehicles and accident scene   Call the AXA 24 Hours Claim Service hotline on 1800 880 4888 if you need more assistance

Within 24 hours of an accident MAKE AN ACCIDENT REPORT

Claim Process Step 2

Submit accident report at any AXA Authorised Reporting Centre (Approved Authorised Workshop). They will help you:

Complete the SAS form   Enter report into the GIARMIC e-filing system
Photograph your vehicle      


Claim Process Step 3
To confirm receipt of accident report   To notify you if repairs are authorized or not
To advise you on next steps      

Windscreen Claims

Notify AXA immediately after discovery of an incident that may give rise to a claim under your policy. Notify the police if there is evidence of criminal or malicious act involved. Take reasonable measures to mitigate the loss.


Upon reporting, AXA would need you to complete the Motor Windscreen Claim Form and submit it together with:


Documents required

  • Copy of Insurance Certificate / Cover Note
  • Colour Photos of Damage
  • Original Invoice / Receipt
  • Copy of Police Report

e-Claims Notification

Before you make an e-Claims Notification, you will need to do the following:

  • Read AXA’s claims procedure located on their website
  • Notify AXA immediately and call the AXA hotline at 1800 8804 741 for further notice

If you have done so, you may proceed to file your e-Claims.

Download Claim Form

To directly download and save the document into your system, right-click on this link and choose "Save Target As..." (for IE browser) or "Save Link As..." (for Netscape).

Windscreen Repair Scheme

Minor windscreen chips and cracks can be repaired without having to replace the whole windscreen.

Where to get it:

AXA is partnering with Glass-Fix to provide this option. They are a leading windscreen repair specialist with more than 12 years’ experience. They are the only one in Singapore and just one of two in Asia, certified by the National Windshield Repair Association of North America. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their repair.

Glass-Fix ( Windscreen Only)
52 Ubi Avenue 3
#04-42 Frontier E Park @ Ubi
Singapore 408867
Tel: 6278 0887
Fax: 6749 0541
Questions on Claims
  1. What is market value and how is this determined?

    Market value refers to the prevailing market value of your vehicle for the same year make & model in similar condition and specification at the time of loss or damage. This value will include the applicable taxes and COE/ PARF rebates.

  2. What is the claim procedure for an accident that happened in Malaysia?

    File a police report with the Malaysian police. Upon return to Singapore, report this incident to AXA Insurance Singapore with a copy of the Malaysian police report. If the car cannot be driven, you will need to arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the Malaysian causeway where another tow truck from Singapore will take over from the causeway. A comprehensive private motor policy will cover towing charges incurred due to accident up to S$500/- per accident.

  3. Under what circumstances should a police report be made?

    A police report is required for the following scenarios: bodily injury, involvement with a government or foreign registered vehicle, hit and run, theft, vandalism or if there is damage to third party property.

  4. If the other party offers private settlement, should I agree?

    If the other party offers private settlement, you may want to have the settlement in writing which is duly filled up and signed by both parties. You will then need to submit this form to AXA Insurance Singapore immediately. Call AXA’s Claim Service Team hotline at 1800-8804741(Press 3) for further advice if necessary.

  5. The accident is not solely my fault but my NCD has been affected upon renewal. Under what circumstances can this be re-instated?

    If you have been successful in your counter claim for excess and loss of use (at least 80% liability in your favour), your NCD can be re-instated. AXA Insurance Singapore will need to have copies of the letter of demand, discharge voucher and the settlement breakdown to assess and look into this request.

  6. Can I request AXA not to pay to a third party?

    As your insurer, AXA Insurance Singapore will handle any third party claims professionally, to the best of their ability and according to the rights of the policy. You can choose to take on any third party claims against you in your own capacity by signing an undertaking form, upon which, all correspondence including legal matters will be directed to you. For a copy of the undertaking letter, please contact AXA Insurance Singapore.

    (This undertaking letter is only applicable when there is no bodily injury involved.)

  7. If I put up a claim for windscreen, will my NCD be affected and do I have to get the cover for windscreen reinstated?

    Under a comprehensive private car policy, windscreen cover is unlimited and is insured at its full value without affecting NCD. No excess is applicable and no re-instatement is required for windscreen claims.

  8. Do I have to go to IDAC to file an accident?

    No, IDAC is not an AXA Authorised Reporting Centre (ARC). You can file the accident report at the AXA ARC – which are also the approved authorized workshops. Please refer to the authorised premium workshop listing for more details.

  9. What is the procedure if I want to claim against the Third Party?

    You will need to prove that the third party is liable for the accident before submitting your third party claim by your preferred workshops. The workshop will prepare an estimate and inform the third party insurer to conduct a pre-repair inspection within 48 hours prior to commencing repair on your vehicle. The third party insurer is to conduct the inspection within two days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays), upon receiving the notification. You may need to settle the repair cost up front while your workshop assists you in dealing with the third party claim settlement.

  10. When should I make a claim on my own policy?

    You may consider claiming under your own policy if liability is unclear or if the accident is totally on you/your driver’s fault. You must submit your own vehicle repairs claim to AXA Insurance Singapore within 14 calendar days from date of accident. Policy excess is applicable when you make a claim under your own policy.

  11. Do I get a replacement car when my car is going through repair?

    No, AXA Insurance Singapore provides Loss of Use Benefit (LUPA) of S$50/day up to maximum of S$250 subject to minimum repair of 4 days as per surveyor’s recommendation. LUPA is not applicable when your vehicle is declared as constructive total loss/ total loss.

  12. What happens to my policy if my car is a total loss?

    You will need to submit your certificate of insurance to AXA Insurance Singapore to terminate your policy without any refund of premium.

  13. How do I make a claim against a foreign motorist?

    You will need to lodge a police report for accidents occurring within and outside Singapore. You may need to engage your own preferred lawyer/workshop to assist you in your third party claim submission.


Please refer to Policy Wordings for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

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