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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

The below FAQs should be read and construed in light of, and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Policy Wording.

Relating to the Types of Plan and Eligibility

I will be visiting a number of countries on my trip. Which plan should I choose?

Choose the plan based on your furthest destination. E.g. if you are travelling to Hong Kong and the United States of America, you will have to purchase the Worldwide plan. If you are travelling to Bangkok and Hong Kong, you will have to purchase the Asia Pacific plan.

If I am travelling with my friend, do we need to buy separate travel insurance policies?

No, you and your friend can buy the “Couple” plan for a “Single Trip”. However, for Annual Multi-Trip plan, you will each have to buy a separate policy. 

Will I be able to activate the travel insurance cover the moment I touch down at my destination?

No, you have to activate the travel insurance cover before your departure from Singapore.

I’m travelling from Singapore to take up residence or employment in Country X. Can I purchase a travel insurance plan?

Yes, you can purchase a one-way plan. However, you will be charged a premium equivalent to a 4-day trip, and the cover will cease once you arrive at your new country of residence or employment.

If I’m travelling with both of my parents, do I buy the “Family” cover?

No, the “Family” cover only extends to you, your spouse and/or child/children travelling together. You will have to purchase two “Individual” plans or a “Couple” plan for your parents.

My family will be travelling with me at the onset but I have to return to Singapore earlier than them. Can I still enrol under the “Family” Plan?

Yes, but the premiums will be based on the last person’s return date and your own coverage will end as soon as you reach your residence in Singapore.

What is the eligibility for coverage?

For the “Individual” Plan: the Insured Person and/ or his Spouse must be a Singapore Resident and aged between eighteen (18) years and eighty (80) years on the commencement date of the Period of Insurance.


For the “Family” Plan: This constitutes the Insured and/or Spouse and child/children. Legal child/children including stepchild/children and/or legally adopted child/children who is/are Singapore resident/s, at least 45 days of age and below 18 years (or 23 years if studying full time in a recognised tertiary institution) on the effective date of the insurance cover, whilst wholly dependent on the Insured or Insured’s spouse for financial support and not gainfully employed in any way and must be unmarried.

Relating to Medical cover

Do I need to undergo a medical examination to apply for My VoyageGuard Travel InsuranceSM?

A medical examination is not required, however, do note that any pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

What constitutes a “pre-existing condition”?

A “pre-existing condition” means any medical condition from which the Insured suffered, or was or should have been aware that he was suffering from, within a 12 months period before the effective date of the policy.

Can I pay extra to cover pre-existing conditions?

No, Chubb does not have this option.

What is meant by “Usual, Reasonable and Customary Medical Expenses”?

“Usual overseas medical charges” means charges for treatment, supplies or medical services medically necessary to treat the Insured Person’s condition, does not exceed the usual level of charges for similar treatment, supplies or medical services in the locality where the expense is incurred and does not include charges that would not have been made if no insurance existed.

I am pregnant. Will I be covered for any pregnancy-related matters while I am overseas?

Yes, you are covered. Please refer to Part 7 – Section 4 Overseas Medical Expenses (Women’s Benefit)” in the Policy Wording 

If I was ill overseas but only sought medical treatment when I’m back in Singapore, can I make a claim?

No, the first treatment must be sought overseas to be eligible for claims under Post Journey Medical Expenses.

Is dental treatment covered?

Yes, it is covered if it is resulting from an accident during the period of cover. However, this does not include costs of dentures. 

Relating to Baggage cover

Can Baggage cover be increased?

No, the amount of baggage cover cannot be increased.

Is a video camera (or any other item) on hire for the trip covered?

No, Chubb does not cover any hired or leased equipment.

Are gifts and articles purchased during the journey covered?

Yes. Please refer to Part 7 – “Section 25 Personal Property and Baggage”  in the Policy Wording. 

What happens if the carrier ‘temporarily’ misplaces the total luggage for more than 24 hours?

This plan will pay the stated benefit amount specified in the Certificate of Insurance for every six (6) full consecutive hours of delay, up to the maximum benefit amount specified.

What happens if I go on a trip and all my luggage is lost on the way there? Then after it is replaced, it gets lost again on the way home?

Chubb will pay up to the maximum limit specified under “Section 25 Personal Property & Baggage” in the policy.

Would a suitcase shipped home early (to save costs on excess baggage) be covered?

No, it would not as unaccompanied baggage is not covered.

If a governmental authority were to confiscate items including but not limited to wooden carvings and stuffed animals from me, can I make a claim?

No, confiscation of items by governmental authorities is not covered.

What is the limit of cover for any one article?

Up to SGD500 for any one item or set or pair of articles, and SGD1,000 for portable computers.

Relating to Golf and Winter Sports optional add-ons

Is my golf equipment covered?

Yes, Chubb will cover up to SGD1,000 per item up to the maximum amount specified in the policy.

Will I be compensated if the piste is closed due to bad weather?

Yes, Chubb will provide compensation, up to the maximum amount specified in the policy.

Relating to Trip Cancellation

Would I be covered if I were booked on a holiday and then could not go because my employer needs me in Singapore and cancels my leave application?

No. The policy excludes travel cancellation claims caused by business obligations.

Am I covered if I booked my trip but could not go because I can’t get an entry visa in time?

No, this is not included in the Specified Causes under “Part 7 – Section 15 Travel Cancellation” in the Policy Wording. 

If a natural disaster hits the country I’m just about to visit, can I cancel my trip and make a claim?

Yes. Please refer to “Part 7 – Section 15 Travel Cancellation“ in the Policy Wording. 


Is there excess applicable?

Chubb does not impose any excess on the My VoyageGuard Travel InsuranceSM policy.

Am I covered on the way to and from the airport in Singapore?

Yes, you are covered on the way to and from the airport.

Are acts of terrorism covered?

Yes. Please refer to “Part 7 – Section 38, Terrorism Extension” in the Policy Wording. 

Enjoy your trip and leave the worrying to us

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